“Congratulations! On behalf of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, it is my pleasure to inform you that We Are Angry has been selected as a Nominee for The 19th Annual Webby Awards in the Websites: Activism category. This is an unparalleled honor.”

“We Are Angry takes difficult subject matter head-on and draws the reader/viewer into a fictitious world that is all too real (rape in India). The layout, design and navigation are clean and modern. While the story is fiction, the presentation makes it feel very real and compelling, almost like a news website. The Comments section with feedback and praise from readers brings a real-time sense to the work. Many suggested the work be used in colleges as a teaching tool. An important piece that left this reader/viewer more informed on the subject matter and haunted by it.”

“We are Angry was an outstanding runner up… (The) work is superb and important.”

This digital story has passed a thorough, independent 13-point quality assurance test across multiple formats and devices. QED is a signal to readers that the book will render beautifully on any screen on which they choose to read.

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